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What Is Old Nautical?

Old Nautical news, advertisements, articles, facts and more about WWI, fishing, disasters, innovations and more as they appeared in the newspapers of the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. We scour the old newspapers for anything nautical related and present it here for all to learn and enjoy.

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The boat industry during this time was an exciting one with advances in motors both electric and petrol motors. Prior to that, boats were powered by wind sail and wood or coal fired steam engines and good old human power. The still popular v-hull boat design powered by a petrol engine was seen around 1908 and boat enthusiasts loved it. The following piece is from the New York Tribune and is about one of the first boat shows at Madison Square Garden and the success of the show. The year was 1909 and only one year after the introduction of the v-hull.

Old Nautical Pleasure Craft

Crowds Flock To Show – Edwin Hawley Pays Big Price For Launch – Interest in Motor Boats Grows –

The biggest crowd of the week was in attendance at the motor boat show at Madison Square Garden yesterday. many persons going to see Governor Hughes, who had accepted an invitation to visit the exhibition. The people who went to catch a glimpse at the Governor were disappointed, however, as word came to the show committee at the last minute that his numerous engagements made it impossible for him to be present.

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Boat Show – Madison Square Garden 1909

Edwin Hawley was a visitor yesterday, and before he went out purchased the 47-foot mahogany cabin launch, which has attracted so much attention to the Elco booth for $10,500.

elco-boat-adNearly seventy thousand people, it was estimated last night, have visited the show during the last week. Besides being the biggest and most diversified in the variety of boats and serviceable motors on exhibition. It has been the most successful and popular exhibit of the kind ever held in this country. The growth of the industry has been illustrated by the presence of scores of motor boat owners and agents from all parts of the country. For the first time a state of New York show of this character the pacific Coast has been represented, and visitors have also been drawn from Texas, New Orleans. St. Louis, Denver. Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit and scores of other places.

The Motor Boat Catches On – the coming year will be the largest not only for the trade, but also in the use of motor boats, has been verified by the statements of scores of the exhibitors that their orders for boats and engines run all the way from 75 to 100 percent greater than at the corresponding time last year. A whole carload of motors have been ordered ranging from 3 to 100 horsepower.

It is evident from the success of this boat show that the introduction of petrol motor boats was well received by the buying public.

Old Nautical Military

Old nautical news of this era also covered more than just pleasure craft. The advances made in the pleasure boat area came about, due in part, to advances made on the military and industrial front. Read and learn about submarines, mines and mine fields, German U-boats and warships of all countries involved in conflicts around the world.

Old Nautical Disasters

With more and more people taking to the water for steam ship travel, shipping and in wartime, nautical disasters were often headlines during this era. See how the major newspapers of the day reported such disasters as the Titanic and Lusitania tragedies as well as other maritime disasters.

Old Nautical Advertisements

See old nautical ads for boats, equipment and most things nautical related just like the ad for Elco Boats above.

Old Travel Ads

Just like today, the steam ship travel business advertised their vacation getaways and special off season rates in the newspapers. See what bargains were available and what cruise ship amenities were available to travelers way back when.